I am so overjoyed to be participating in this event for my dear friend and constant inspiration, performance artist Genevieve Belleveau aka gorgeousTaps at Flux Factory in Long Island City as part of Collaborate Means as a continuing element of gorgeousTaps and the Reality Show.

me sprinkling tear sequins on the church of gorgeousTaps, 2009

me sprinkling tear sequins on the church of gorgeousTaps, 2009

the church of gorgeousTaps in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

the church of gorgeousTaps in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

gorgeousTaps and the Reality Show is an emergent meta-narrative that has taken the form of pop music, church services, talk radio and social media reality tv.  Spearheaded by the sugary sadism of Genevieve Belleveau, aka gorgeousTaps, the shifting cast of real life characters engages in parodic and satirical tropes to examine the sincerity (or lack thereof) in daily rituals and the ecstatic mundanity of human desire.  For this provocative presentation, gTaps is joined by co-conspirators Alexandra Rosenberg, Ann Hirsch, Mike Bushnell and some surprise test subjects.   They will examine previously employed methods and predict the potentialities of future developments with you, the instant collaborators™, as their missionary muses.

I am be one of 15 playwrights participating in the One Minute Play Festival Alumni Event: Livewriting



15 playwrights. Several Actors. No directors. Live plays.

In honor of the 5th Annual New York One-Minute Play Festival, we asked some of our favorite alumni playwrights to go back to where it all began: The Brick!  They will write several short plays over the course of the evening. Live in space in front of the audience.
At The Brick Theater, 10/14, 10pm
575 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY
L Train to Lorimer/ G Train to metropolitan
$5 suggested donation.



FOR CHARLIE (even if you wouldn’t have taken it)

a 10-Minute Play by Maya Macdonald

Directed by Nicole Watson, with Molly Carden and Erica Lutz

will be a part of:

BOTTOMS UP @ 424 Rodney Street #3 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 8pm, RSVP

a reading of LEAVE THE BALCONY OPEN by Maya Macdonald

with: Molly Carden, Julie Fitzpatrick, Mary Rasmussen, Seth Kirschner, Steven Boyer, Heidi Armbruster, Darcy Fowler, Erica Lutz

at Primary Stages 307 West 38th Street Suite 1510 (between 8th and 9th ave)


My play How to Stay in One Place will be read as part of:

un·corked, a works in progress series

Monday April 18th, 6-8pm

@ Brooklyn Winery, 213 North 8th Street, Brooklyn, NY