Clarissa really doesn't want to die alone, and she's on the hunt for the guy who will be there when she takes her last breath. In this darkly comedic investigation of female tropes, we brunch, watch a live autopsy and marry the man who won't take no for an answer.

*Semi-Finalist for 2018 Theater 503 Playwriting Award

* Semi-Finalist for 2018 O'Neil Playwrights Conference

* Semi-Finalist for 2018 Bay Area Playwrights Festival

* Honorable Mention for 2016 Relentless Award


Three Anne Franks

Three women audition to play Anne Frank in a production that could not obtain the rights to a single word from Anne’s diary. As interpretations vary, we begin to see the difference between who Anne Frank was and who we need her to be.

* Finalist for Rattlestick Playwrights Theater New Play Commission


Raw Pasta

Five men start a week long intensive entitled "Facing Toxic Masculinity."  Sam is here because his wife won’t return his calls. Also his daughter blocked him on Facebook. It's only day two and now he must interact with a real live woman named Pocket. It’s his second child’s 10th birthday next week and he’s desperate to figure out how to be less of a douchebag in time.

*Semi-Finalist for 2019 O’Neil Playwrights Conference

*Semi-Finalist for 2019 Seven Devils Playwrights Conference


Don’t Walk Home in that shit, girl!

Four hopefuls audition to be the next woman to be murdered by a man wearing a chicken mask. A play that challenges the roles we ask performers to fit into and asks if they fit.



May is standing in the way of control. June is trying to hold out. Jon really wants a hug. Silent Gen is still looking up at that broken window, and everyone knows why, but never says anything. On a rural college campus where there have been so many deaths that 21 has become old-age and proximity to death defines your social status, four soon-to-be-graduates party, scream and learn how to move on.

* Finalist for 2011 Princess Grace Award


The Really Important People

Lucie’s blog, ‘Miss Frosty’ is a sex blog for the empowered woman. Lynn, Clarissa, and Connie go out and get and bring it back to Lucie to write about. When Clarissa leaves the blog (may she nest in peace), the ladies put out an add for a new friend. When Abageal, a former sex-columnist arrives, it becomes clear that everyone has a different definition of "empowered."


For Charlie (Even if You Wouldn't Have Taken it)

We gather here today to celebrate Charlie’s 21st Birthday. Unfortunately, he could Um. Not make it to the party. In an attempt to honor him, Bell and Carlee take the sips Charlie cannot.

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mind your bee hive

A drive through burger joint turned underground abortion clinic in Bee Hive, Texas.


Totally Tax DeductiblE

A non-profit tele-fundraises through the apocalypse.